2017 Schedule/Results

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Sunday racing at Skokie Lagoons SLPF - 


April 29

TAYC Spring Invitational  Oxford MD Results

Puddle Championship Regatta Skokie Lagoon

May 27

Potomac River Sailing Association Spring Regatta / PPF#1 Penso Frostbite Results

July 22

Corsica River YC Centerville, MD Results



Tred Avon Yacht Club, Annual Regatta, Oxford, MD Results

17 -18



International Championship, SSA, Annapolis, MD Results

Heritage Regatta, TAYC, Oxford, MD Atlantic Coast Championship results

September 16

September 23-24

Presidents Cup Washington Sailing Marina (6 boats, no wind no races)

National Sailing Hall of Fame, Annapolis, MD info





Sunday Racing at Skokie Lagoons 

October 28

November 4

Trippe Creek Frostbite #4, Oxford, MD Results


TAYC Frostbite , Oxford MD (Region III Championship) Results

November 11

Gibson Island YS : Lawson Rum Bucket Results


Cold and Nasty regatta




Thanksgiving Day regatta  Skokie Lagoons 10 am


Singlehand Championship Skokie Lagoons