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(last update 11/2/2023) 

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Penguin available in Michigan – Customflex fiberglass Penguin in very good condition at the Maritime Heritage Alliance in Traverse City.  Please contact Doug Roberts, or 231-620-3920 (11/2/2023)



Penguin 7444

 located in West Dover, VT.  The boat needs a fresh coat of exterior paint and revarnishing of the interior.  The asking price is $275.

Allan Goldberg






Looking for Penguin 1947:

I am seeking the whereabouts of Penguin 1947.
This boat was built by my father and mother (Thomas and Mary Anderson)
in their basement/garage in Richmond, Virginia and sailed predominantly
from the Fishing Bay Yacht club, near Deltaville.
My mother gave it away after my dad died and I would like to find it and
see if the current owner might be willing to sell it to me.
I had many happy hours growing up with it and would like to share the
experience with my grandchildren.

Thomas W Anderson, Jr.
770 Glengary Rd.
Winchester, VA 22603


Penguin 7936  Location:  Mechanicsburg PA  Austin hull completely overhauled.  New Aluminum mast and older wooden mast.  Two sails. Rerigged with Harken blacks and new bailers.  Finished bright inside and painted with Interlux Perfection outside. No trailer.  Price:$1000 Contact:  Bill Parkes 717-731-1039