ďItís all about sailing with friends and family.Ē  John MacCausland said it several years ago when commenting about Penguin sailing and itís still true today. Seven Penguins sailed in the 2007 TAYC Summer Invitational One Design. With the exception of the lone single hander Scott Williamson all had family or friends on board and all were treated to a picture perfect summer day with southerly breezes and lots of close racing.


Alan Campbell gave Dad Tom a fatherís day treat with a second place finish that wasnít decided until the last race. Bill Lane introduced new sailor Hannah Schmidt to the class and showed her how itís done with a win in the last race; always nice to leave a regatta on a high note. David and Queen Julie (part of the family theme as he is the head retainer in her court) had three top three finishes. Second through fourth places were only separated by three points so for Alan, Bill and David the racing was close for the entire afternoon.


We welcome Sam Dupont and his sister Cory back to the class. Sam and Cory have their own boat which is still in the reprocessing stage. They borrowed Uncle Ebbyís yellow (already rehabilitated) Penguin for this event and showed excellent speed on the upwind legs. We all know that Sam will be a force to reckon with because he doesnít yell at his sister.


Monty Baker and Donna MacKenzie had a super second place finish in the first race. Now that you guys know how to do it just do it.


Six of the seven boats had at least one top three finish and the one which didnít was consistent enough to score fewer points than two competitors who did. Consistency and perseverance really pay as I have learned. Del Walter sailed with me and proved that he is not just good crew, he is great crew. Smart and quick and young and strong.


Thanks for a fine day of sailing to Eric Crawford, Gugy Irving, Linda Laramy, John Knud-Hansen and Lindsay Cooper. Thanks for giving up a gorgeous Sunday afternoon so we could have so much fun.



Regatta results saved: Monday, June 18, 2007 11:32:18 AM EDT

Division: PENGUIN (7 boats)

Pos Sail   Boat   Skipper/Crew   Club   CBYRA      1         2         3         4         5      Total
1   9696   BLACK SIDE DOWN   HULL, PAUL/ WALTER, DEL   ESSA       1   1   1   1   3   7.00   1
2   9663   SUSIE C   CAMPBELL, ALAN/ CAMPBELL, TOM   TAYC       5   2   4   3   2   16.00   2
3   4200   WHITE KNIGHT   LANE, BILL/ SCHMIDT, HANNAH   TAYC       4   4   2   6   1   17.00   3
4   8823   FOX IN SOX   COX, DAVID/ COX, JULIE   TAYC       3   3   5   2   5   18.00   4
5   7705       DUPONT, SAM/ DUPONT, CORY   TAYC       6   5   6   4   4   25.00   5
6   7703       WILLIAMSON, SCOTT   GIYC       7   6   3   5   6   27.00   6
7   9700   CURRENT EVENT   BAKER, MONTY/ MACKENZIE, DONNA           2   7   7   7   7   30.00   7

- Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2001-2004
- Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts
- Time limit penalty is: DNF

Information is provisional and subject to modification

Principal Race Officer: ERIC CRAWFORD