Specification Changes approved by the Executive Committee


The Executive Committee approved the following changes to the Penguin Specifications to simplify sail measurement and to make our measurement procedures consistent with how girth measurement are made in other classes and the IMS. This procedure would solves the problem of measuring a sail with a tight shock cord luff rope and significantly speed up the measurement process. The new girth measurements should not change the size of the Penguin Sail, and all existing sails should measure in except possibly a sail with a very short luff length. The new measurements have been calculated so the size of the Penguin sail will not change. The new measurements were tested at the 2001 Internationals .



23.4 Dimensions The maximum dimensions of the sail are:


      Luff 16'0", foot 8'8", leech 16'6", roach on foot 6", upper quarter girth 36", midgirth 64", and lower quarter girth 86.5". Girth measurements are to include the boltrope or other device used to run in the mast tunnel.


23.5 Measuring the Sail


23.5.1 Midgirth - Fold head to clew and mark the leech midpoint; measure midgirth from leech mid point to the nearest luff point , boltrope included.


23.5.2 Upper Quarter Girth - Fold head to leech midpoint, and mark the upper quarter point of the leech; measure the upper quarter girth from leech upper quarter point to the nearest luff point, boltrope included.


23.5.3 Lower Quarter Girth - Fold clew to leech midpoint and mark the lower quarter point on the leech; measure the lower quarter girth from leech lower quarter point to the nearest luff point, boltrope included.