Six Penguins sailed in the MRYC Annual Regatta in a light but steady northerly breeze which lasted long after the Race Committee called it a day at about 1:30p.m. While Bud Daily and Christian Ostberg easily sailed to a first place Monty Baker and Donna McKenzie had a consistent and conservative series for second overall, finally realizing the potential of Monty’s Freedom Penguin. Ed Lutz and Roger Pickall singlehanded and each had stellar moments on the one sided windward leeward courses. Roger enjoyed a too brief moment to glory by putting a neat move on Bud at the leeward mark. Ed has lined up crew for the next two regattas and, hopefully, Roger will be able to do the same.


David Cox was unable to personally sail in the regatta but generously loaned his boat to Sewell and new skipper Patrick Penwell. Welcome to the fleet Patrick.


Sadly the Race Committee sent everyone in after three races even though it was early in the afternoon and there was plenty of breeze.


Come to the TAYC Annual this coming weekend. This should be a fun regatta with a Saturday evening barbecue and a great trophy presentation at Harleigh.


Position Sail Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1 9662 Bud Dailey Christian Ostberg 1 1 1 3
2 9700 Monty Baker Donna McKenzie 2 3 2 7
3 9696 Paul Hull Del Walter 3 2 3 8
4 8839 Ed Lutz   4 4 4 12
5 8241 Roger Pickall   5 5 5 15
6 8823 Patrick Penwell Sewell Cox 6 6 6 18