Island Creek Penguin Frostbite Regatta

The fourth annual ICPFR sailed on Saturday, November 10th featured the usual extensive cast of super organizers (like David Cox and Kim Corkran), energetic helpers (Linda Laramy who scored the regatta and John Danley and crew who launched and retrieved the boats while keeping most of the sailors dry), entertaining hangers on (like observers Nancy Dupont and Barbara Vosbury who should have sailed but….) and party suspects who came just  for the all day festival at the Corkran estate on Island Creek. Every year the location seems more appropriate for this most popular of all Penguin regattas; the launching and retrieval easier and faster and the entrance fees better tasting. Thanks especially to Tot O’Mara and the Race Committee and crash boats; they only had to rescue one sinker. (The score sheet will tell who suffered the lone ignominy.)

It is especially gratifying that there were seven family boats with dads and sons or daughters and five finished in the top six. Almost everyone else sailed with regular “loaner” sons and daughters. Of special note Emily Dupont just back from a successful world tour navigated this tricky regatta for Dad and were just beaten in the scoring (no testimony regarding the partying) by Jeff Cox and Lindsey Clemmer sailing White Knight. Bill Lane and daughter in law Kelly were close behind as was Scott Williamson who still needs crew. (Scary to think how good he would be in a balanced boat.) Monty Baker and Donna MacKenzie rounded out the top 10 in this tricky, puffy regatta.

Thirteen of the seventeen boats competing had scores in the top ten. All seventeen had guaranteed fun and this great Penguin Class celebration.

Sandy McAllister receives this writer’s special heavy duty (as in “you’re truly heavy duty, dude”) for sailing with Spencer. Perhaps next year we’ll use handicap scoring (make a note, David). Ed Lutz listened to Patrick Firth in the first two races and then, and then, who knows why we make some of the sailing decisions we make.

There was the usual fleet of Kraffts. Charlie sailed Wooden Bucket with Douglas; Amy and Matthew Chow appeared in Georgie Girl and stayed in one piece for the entire regatta and Martin sailed Rockhopper with Denielle Coliani.  

Sewall Cox borrowed David’s Fox N Sox with crew Izabelle Rogers. John Jenkins was another first appearance in a long time with Gretchen Messick; Ed Lutz signed on Patrick Firth and John Majane sailed with Rafael Hertz but Rafael gave John advice in French, not John’s best language.

Incidentally, four sailors suspected of crossing the Mason Dixon Line without visas simply walked away with the regatta. Actually both regattas since the first, second and third race served as the Atlantic Coast Championship. This was Michael and Rachel Hecky’s and John and Allie MacCausland’s first Penguin regatta of the season! Jonathan and Emily Bartlett were their closest competition but couldn’t stay close enough in the schizophrenic winds of the middle two races.

One of these northern invaders, the youngest crew skipper, Allie MacCausland won the crew race beating former Naval Academy sailor Emily Dupont and collegiate star Emily Bartlett in addition to well coached Douglas Krafft and Linsay Clemmer. Congratulations Allie.

Special, special thanks to the Corkrans and all their friends and neighbors who made this wonderful event possible.




Regatta results saved: Saturday, November 10, 2007 2:56:06 PM EST


Division: PENGUIN (17 boats) (top)

Pos Sail   Boat   Skipper   Crew      1         2         3         4      Total
1   9660   WADDLES   MACCAUSLAND, JOHN   MACCAUSLAND, ALLIE   5   2   1   1   9.00   1
2   9668   LUMPY   HECKY, MIKE   HECKY, RACHEL   3   1   3   6   13.00   2
3   9576   STEWIE   BARTLETT, JONATHAN   BARTLETT, EMILY   1   6   7   3   17.00   3
4   9630   WOODEN BUCKET   KRAFFT, CHARLES   KRAFFT, DOUGLAS   13   5   2   4   24.00   4
5   9170   WHITE KNIGHT   COX, JEFF   CLEMMER, LINDSEY   4   8   8   5   25.00   5
6   7705   YELLOW BIRD   DUPONT, EBBY      Dupont, Emily 6   13   5   2   26.00   6
7   7703   THUNDER CHICKEN   WILLIAMSON, SCOTT       2   9   9   11   31.00   7
8   4200   WHITE RABBIT   LANE, BILL   LANE, KELLY   7   10   6   9   32.00   8
9   9696   BLACK SIDE DOWN   HULL, PAUL   WALTER, DEL   18/DNF   7   4   7   36.00   9
10   9700   CURRENT EVENT   BAKER, MONTY   MCKENZIE, DONNA   12   4   10   13   39.00   10
11   8839   UP BEAT   LUTZ, ED   FIRTH, PATRICK   9   3   17   12   41.00   11
12   5282   QE II   MAJANE, JOHN   HERTZ, RAFAEL   11   14   11   8   44.00   12
13   9632   SPAX   MCALLISTER, SANDY     McAllister,Spencer  10   12   12   10   44.00   13
14   8239   RIDERS UP   JENKINS, JOHN   MESSIK, GRETCHEN   8   11   13   15   47.00   14
15   9676   GEORGIE GIRL   KRAFFT, AMY   CHOW, MATTHEW   16   15   14   14   59.00   15
16   8823   FOX N SOX   COX, SEWELL   ROGERS, IZABELLE   14   16   16   16   62.00   16
17   9320   ROCKHOPPER   KRAFFT, MARTIN   COLIANI, DENIELLE   15   17   15   17   64.00   17

- Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2001-2004
- Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts
- Time limit penalty is: DNF

Information is provisional and subject to modification

Principal Race Officer: TOT O'MARA