Gibson Island

 After an 11 boat turnout for the Gibson Island Regatta last year this year’s participation was curious and disappointing. Only three boats appeared on November 17th to support what was, once again, a well run, fun regatta sailed in light, challenging conditions complete with auto tacks, inexplicable holes and last minute position changes.

 The club was thoughtful enough to leave a floating dock in to facilitate launching. All the moored boats were out and everyone had a great regatta. Tom Price, Commodore Murray Leigh and Carol Boykin set fine WL courses in the constantly changing conditions.

 We have already set a date for next year, November 15th. I would urge you to mark your calendars now and attend this fine regatta. In addition we are going to try to schedule a spring regatta at this fine location.


Charlie Krafft, Matthew Chow                     1,2,1,1,3,1       6

Paul Hull, Del Walter                                        3,1,2,2,2,2       9

Scott Williamson                                               2,3,3,3,1,3       12