Gibson Island Saturday, April 18th 2009

Skipper/Crew                                       R 1       R 2       R 3       R 4       R 5       R  6                  Total 

 Bud Dailey/ Marcus Adam                    3          3          1          1          1          1                      10

Charlie Krafft/Donna McKenzie            1          1          3          2          2          2                      11

Scott & Charlie Williamson                   2          4          4          4          4          4                      22

Paul Hull/Arianne Dalton                       4          5          6          3          3          3                      24

John Majane                                         5          2          2          7          5          6                      27

Read & Read Beigel                             6          6          5          5          6          5                      33

John Gebhardt/Jack Gebhardt               7          7          7          6          7          DNS                42    


Penguin Sailors,

 John  Majane came to Gibson Island on April 18th ready to sail. In the first race he pulled a horizon job on the seven boat fleet and crossed the finish line at the boat end 8 lengths ahead of second place Charlie Krafft sailing with Donna McKenzie in Wooden Bucket. The only glitch in this well planned victory was another leg to the course. As Charlie followed by Bud Dailey, who brought new crew Marcus Adam, arrived at the mark, which was the pin of the starting line,  John scrambled to correct his error resulting in considerable discussion and confusion.  John was no less stellar in the next two races posting two second place finishes. If the regatta had ended after the first three light air races he would have had an easy third place and Charlie and Donna would have prevailed over Bud and Marcus. The wind changed all their plans.

 The south east breeze never shifted but it did build from 3 to 5k in the first races to 6 to 9 in the last three. There were small shifts and larger puffs which made for more straight forward sailing with a premium on changing gears and staying in the wind. As Charlie said it wasn’t always a good idea to tack on the initial indication of a shift.

 One of the most creditable performances was posted by Scott Williamson  sailing with his son Charlie in Charlie’s first regatta, Sailing in John Jenkins’ old boat renamed Powder Monkey,  Scott lost his tiller extension universal after the second race and still managed consistent mid fleet finishes to round out the top three in the regatta.

 Read and Read  Beigel made the long 10 minute drive in much better time than they managed Zoom Zoom on the race course.  Good driving Read. Read drove for much of the regatta and did very well for his first Penguin regatta of the year.

 The Penguin fleet welcomed John Gebhardt who has been working on a design to add tanks to these old boats in an effort to bring them up to modern standards. Thanks for all your hard work. John sailed with his grandson Jack in one of Charlie’s spare boats. This was John’s first time in a Penguin and he demonstrated that he has spent considerable time in other classes.

 Thanks very much to Arianne Dalton who suffered through the regatta with me. Ed Lutz is still recovering from surgery and we wish him well and hope he is back on the course soon.

 This first regatta of the year was held on a beautiful spring day with lots of sun and very good race management by Tony Kupersmith and most of his family. Thanks to them and GIYC for a fine afternoon.