2019 Corsica Annual Regatta

Sailflow predicted the wind out of the east at 1 kt with gusts to 2.  When we arrived at the Corsica River Yacht Club, it seemed like the usually over optimistic wind numbers that Sailflow publish might have been on the mark, however a weak westerly developed and the five Penguins present headed out.  The wind oscillated a bit to the south and then north of west,  requiring the committee to rotate the course, which was close to the launching point, however the wind picked up and the committee ran 5 races for the 4 fleets (Albacores, Comets, Penguins, and Waves).  Scotty Allan sailing in his new (to him) Freedom Penguin (#9700) took a few races to figure it out, but once he did, was unbeatable, easily taking races 4 and 5, ably assisted by his daughter Brooke.  Jeff Cox had not one, but two crew; son Ian and daughter Ellie.  They were seen taking turns swimming off the boat between races, trying to stay cool on this pleasant, but warm July day.  Martin Krafft sailed with Kallen Benson,  her first time in a Penguin, but with previous  sailing experience quickly figured out the Penguin and skippered in two of the races.  Amy Krafft sailed with Caralea Gross.  Charlie Krafft sailed with Donna McKenzie and managed to win the Temple-Blackwood trophy.  Brooke Allan was the first recipient of a perpetual dedicated to Dorsey Owings, a longtime Corsica River (and beyond) sailor who passed away in 2009.  The trophy, presented by Dorsey’s wife Gail, is to the junior sailor who best demonstrates the spirit of good sportsmanship and passion for sailing.  We congratulate Brooke on winning this award.



Skipper/Crew Sail No.

1 Charles Krafft , Donna McKenzie            9478       1 1 1 2 2                7

2  Scotty Allan, Brooke Allan                        9631    4 4 2 1 1 12

3 Jeff Cox, Ian and Ellie Cox                          9730      2 3 3 3 3                14

4 Martin Krafft, Kallan Benson                    9675      3 2 4 4 4                17

5 Amy Krafft, Caralea Gross                         9676      5 5 5 5 5                25