Notice of Race

International Penguin Class Dinghy Association


Trippe Creek Penguin Frostbite Regatta”

Date: Sunday October 28, 2018  (rescheduled due to inclement weather expected Saturday)

Location:  Jim Thompson’s Homestead

                                    27159 Bailey’s Neck Rd.

Easton, Md. 21601       

Registration:      0900 to 1030 hours

Please pre-register at regatta network :

Skipper’s Meeting:      1030 hours

Entry Fee:          “Donations  ($20) will be collected by Penguin Class officials from the entrants to show our appreciation and contribute to pay for the costs incurred by the Race Management Authority”  , 

Contributions to the “After Racing Festivities” are appreciated. (Please, side dishes only, there will be enough desserts.)

For food info or to see what is needed, please contact: Veronica Wainwright

Rules:  This regatta is governed by the Penguin Racing Association Racing Rules of James Place Thompson (you know, Do unto Others and still have fun), the Sailing Instructions, the Verbal Instructions conveyed at the Skipper’s Meeting, and the James Place Thompson Sailboat Racing Authority. 

Races:     5 races are planned. 1 will constitute a series. 

One race (typically the 3rd) will be designated as the crew race.  Solo Skippers and those with crew who prefer not to skipper may elect to sail this race by starting at a predetermined time after the crew race starting signal, typically one minute. 

Courses: Will be determined by the Race Committee on the morning of the regatta depending on direction and velocity of the wind. Gusts of wind from the participants concerning course selection will be given appropriate interest by the RC.

Starts: A Three (3) Minute starting Sequence will be used (Probably the Ollie). The starting line will be determined by the Race Committee prior to and announced at the Skipper’s  Meeting.

Protests:  Must be filed at the Choptank River Light, Midnight New Year’s Eve      2018! Protest hearing will be held at the Oxford Inn and the bill will be paid by the losing skipper.

Trophies: Provided by JPT Sailboat Racing Authority and Contributions from the Penguin Class.


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