Tred Avon Yacht Club Spring Invitational & Jack Peters Series (for Comets)

April 30, 2016

Penguin (7 boats) (top)

Series Standing - 6 races scored

Regatta results last updated: Sunday, May 01, 2016 10:17:04 AM CDT

Pos Sail Boat Skipper Crew Yacht Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total

1 9478 Wooden Bucket Charles Krafft Donna McKenzie SSA 1 [2] 2 1 1 1 6

2 9677 Family Ties William Lawson Colette Preis SSA 2 1 1 [4] 4 2 10

3 9683 Pink lightning Will Wagner Anna Wagner PSA 3 4 4 [5] 2 3 16

4 9320 Feather Hank Krafft PRSA 5 3 3 3 5 [8/DNS] 19

5 8241 Grace Carl Langkammerer Erin -- [7] 5 6 2 6 5 24T

5 9632 Spax William McAllister Max McAllister TAYC [6] 6 5 6 3 4 24T

7 9140 Cheshire Cat Bill Lane Anna Lesher TAYC 4 [8/DNF] 8/DNS 8/DNS 8/DNS 8/DNS 36

The 2016 TAYC Spring Invitational was held on Saturday, April 30th. Although the temperature was expected to reach 60 F, the cloud cover kept things on the chilly side as long as the sun was hidden. PRO Doug Firth dealt with a fickle easterly, which was gradually working from the northeast towards the southeast, but in no hurry, and in no predictable manner. Frequent course realignments were required, but the committee stayed on top of it and we got in six one lap windward leeward courses. The wind was generally on the light side, but was generally strong enough for us to get around the course in about 15 20 minutes. With the course set close to the club, in the portion of the Tred Avon where the river narrows, staying out of the ebbing current seemed to pay off in the first five races, as the boats that stayed to the left made out better. In race 6, with the weather mark moved farther to the right so that it was basically just off the club jetty, the right side finally paid off.

Donna McKenzie brought a neighbor along to watch the races, but she was quickly pressed into service and crewed for Carl Langkammerer. Will Wagner sailed with his daughter and came on strong at the end to take third overall. She had wanted to go in after the fourth race, but was lured by the promise of a frozen treat at the Oxford Creamery after the races. Sandy McAllister sailed with his jet setting son Max, just back from a trip to New Orleans, which Sandy claimed Max would have extended had he realized he would be conscripted to sail with his father. According to Sandy, they were only about 100 lbs. over the minimum weight limit. Bill Lane, sailing the Chesire Cat with a newly rebuilt mast partner, retired after the first race. Hank Krafft had a consistent string of thirds, and had a nice lead at the leeward mark in race three, but missed a right side pressure line that Bill Lawson found and dropped to third in that race. Hank was also sailing with a newly repositioned mast partner and a newly installed centerboard that replaced the stock Horner board that was original to the boat.