Corsica River Yacht Club

Annual Regatta

Saturday,  July 25th, 2015


9677 Bill Lawson & Christine Potts

9660 Jonathan and Annie Bartlett

9478 Charlie Krafft & Donna McKenzie

8823 Jeff Cox & Grace

9168 Paul Bellezzi & Ann

6323 Ken Noble

9320 Hank Krafft

Detailed race results are not available at this time.

The Corsica River Annual Regatta was hosted by CRYC at their Ship Point facility on Saturday, July 25th and Sunday the 26th.  The Penguins only raced on Saturday.  After waiting for a breeze to fill in, the committee headed out and set up the race course on the Corsica River, near the Russian dacha.  Since the Penguins were prompt in getting to the racing area, they started first, ahead of the other fleets, which included A-cats (3), Comets (10), Hobie Wave (6) and catboats (4).  We were pleased to welcome Ken Noble and Paul Bellezzi.  Ken recently purchased a Penguin that was built by George Hinterhoeller, and sailed in Canada.  Paul borrowed a Class owned boat.  The wind started out  from the west, but 40 degree oscillations were par for the course, with the windward leg generally upwind, but not requiring much in the way of tacking.  As the Penguins were finishing their first race, the committee was just getting ready to start the second fleet.  And so the day went.  A quick race followed by a prolonged period of sailing around.   With multiple fleets racing, the committee couldn’t adjust the course as quickly as they would have liked.  Eventually the wind worked its way toward the south, but it took a while to do that.  Also, with the varied talent level in some of the fleets, the span between the first and last boats was significant.  Still, it was a beautiful day, and we largely had the river to ourselves, with an occasional passing sail or powerboat.  Now, if they could only reduce the delay between races, it would have been a perfect outing.