TAYC Penguin Spring Invitational

May 3, 2008

To give an example of just how the first race went in the Spring Invite on May 3rd Scott Williamson almost beat us at the finish line after a the WL race was abbreviated, wisely, at the finish line, which was a mark of the course (must thread the needle). However, as it happened, Del and I got very lucky and prevailed by about 6 inches. 6 inches and something like 15 minutes. Every time Scott tacked in the shadow of the committee boat he gained a couple of inches and lost 3. He just couldn’t make headway against the current. It was a great personal victory when he heard his number called. 15 or 20 minutes after Scott finished Ebby Dupont persevered for a fifth in that race and Ed Lutz and Arianne Dalton finished some great time after Ebby for sixth. John Jenkins and Monty Baker Sailing with Donna MacKenzie looked at the slick and wisely, they thought, packed it in.

David and Julie and Roger Pickall and the rest of us just sat. If this had been a mid summer day we would have quickly followed John, Monty and Donna. Instead we just sat and wondered at our stupidity.

To the lucky or just plain stubborn go the spoils. We were finally rewarded about 1p.m. when the southerly started to fill. A little early but it started to fill. We got in three good races and  I regretted not insisting on a later cut off time at the skipper’s meeting. The real breeze kicked in about 2:15 after we were on the dock Perhaps it was just as well. Everyone was exhausted from sitting in very little boats. Old bodies cramp up fast.

The race committee had the really tough job this Saturday. Thanks to Margy Robfogel, Kim Corkran and everyone on the RC Team and to Steve Requhar on the mark boat.

They gave up what was a really beautiful Saturday afternoon so we could sail.