TAYC Heritage 2008

Although there were only four races it is difficult to remember the Heritage Regatta in anything but discrete bits perhaps because the first two races, sailed in winds of 1k gusting to 1.5 or possibly even 2 k at times, were so long and painful.

The heavily favored boat end of the line sucked many of us into trying to go right in race one. Bill Lane with Gray Benson went hard left only to be beaten to the mark by Ed Lutz with Ian Godlee who somehow made the right side pay. They were followed closely by Scott Williamson, also from the right, with Aubrey Barringer. Scott,  Del and I and Bill rounded the mark in tandem like we were practicing for a new Olympic sport, synchronized sailing. Unlike synchronized swimming there was a certain amount of discussion involved.

At the weather mark the mark boat announced to some but not to all that the course would be shortened at the starting line. When Bill and Gray, who lead to the end, sailed on the outside of the pin and were told the line was the finish Bill graciously pointed out that this was not an advisable way to shorten the course. After some discussion the RC shortened (very wisely) at the leeward mark.

Also, very wisely, they then sent everyone in for lunch; a trip the current facilitated nicely. Waiting for breeze is always happier on shore than on the water. Of course the breeze that induced us to race that afternoon was a sucker breeze and didnít last.

In race two the pin was about 40 degrees favored and Barnes Johnson, in touch with the course gods, started alone on port at the committee boat (how did he know?) and was so far ahead at the weather mark it looked like he was racing with the Comets. Only Scott and Aubrey persisted and ran him down on the last leg which started as a beat and became a dead run before the finish.

Races 3 and 4, sailed the next day were sailed in more wind with lines square at the five minute gun. A big left shift at 30 seconds in race three helped Spencer McAllister with Kara Spector finish in third to beat Dad Sandy with Conner LeMir in the race and the series. Spencer and Kara had been threatening in the first two races but were undone by the unpredictable conditions. This line bias also fooled the fleet into thinking that the favored right side was actually the wrong way to go so when the boat was heavily favored in the last race more than a few started  down the line and went the wrong way.

Not Roger Pickall who had his best race of the series, a second place.

Eric Crawford, finally in his Penguin with Hayley Crowder after a two year lay off, had a very consistent series. Youíre always welcome in the little boats Eric.

Finally, Monty Baker and Donna McKenzie had some good moments on the second day after blowing off day one. 

Just before noon we went to shore and packed up in a beautiful 8 to 10k southwesterly which lasted until 2:30 or 3:00pm.

Thanks to TAYC, PRO George Passano and everyone on the RC who persevered in difficult conditions.



Sail Boat Skipper 1 2 3 4 Total Points Pos
1 4200 White Knight Lane, JR, Bill 1 3 1 3 8.00 1
2 9696 Black Side Down Hull, Paul 2 4 4 1 11.00 2
3 7703 Thunder Chicken Williamson, Scott 4 1 2 8 15.00 3
4 9576 Teddy McAlllister, Spencer 7 5 3 4 19.00 4
5 8241 Crewsin Pickall, Roger 8 8 6 2 24.00 5
6 9233 Iceberg Crawford, Eric 5 6 7 6 24.00 6
7 9632 Spax McAllister, Sandy 6 9 5 5 25.00 7
8 8839 Up Beat Lutz, Ed 3 7 9 9 28.00 8


9631 Barnes, Johnson 9 2 10 10 31.00 9
10 9700 Current Event Baker, Monty 11/NoFin 11/NoFin 8 7 37.00 10