Len Penso Regatta April 26, 2008

  The wind on the Potomac river an April 26th started out like a (well, you know); actually it started at zero. Then, just as all seven Penguins which showed for the first regatta of the season were ready to head for the nearest bar with skippers and crew in tow, it filled in from the east, or perhaps northeast or was it southeast?  The race committed wasn’t sure and most of the competitors were never exactly sure. Thirty and forty degree shifts were the order of the day and only Charlie sailing with Martha Penso had it figured for sure most of the time. Scott Williamson was next most consistent with good, safe starts and no finish below a third. Ed Luts and Arianne Dalton also managed a consistent regatta with no really deep races. Roger Pickall had a great regatta going with a 2,5,4 in the first three races but misfortune in the form of an unexpected puff struck in the 4th race and called a premature halt to his dreams of glory. John Majane and Dan Piccolo had some stellar moments but …. And Amy Krafft and Brooke Edgecomb suffered a number of buts. Finally, no one was more schizophrenic than your Class President sailing with Del Walter.

The best news of the day was the party at Amys house with super good sweet chili concocted by Amy and a bunch of other stuff and some nice awards by John Majane.


Come sail at Oxford this weekend.

Charlie Krafft/Martha Penso                 1          4          1          1          1                      8

Scott Williamson                                   3          3          1          2          3                      12

Ed Lutz/Arianne Dalton                         4          2          3          3          5                      17

Paul Hull/Del Walter                             7          1          6          4          2                      19

Roger Pickall                                        2          5          4          8          8                      27

John Majane/Dan Piccolo                     5          7          7          5          4                      28

Amy Krafft/Brooke Edgecomb             6          6          5          6          6                      29