Gibson Island

Summer Regatta 2008

On Saturday July 5th, 5 Penguins descended on Gibson Island for an informal regatta.  Scott Williamson, summer sailing program coordinator for  the GIYS organized the event and was aided by his father, Joe Fernon.  The rain clouds parted and the fleet headed out for the races.  Unfortunately, the wind disappeared when the rain did so in race 1 Amy Krafft took advantage of a big shift to the north and led to the first mark.  Scott Williamson closed the gap on the long run, aided by the fact that Amy didn't realize which of the multiple objects in the water was the leeward mark.  The final beat saw some exciting drifting action with Charlie Krafft nosing out Scott as the fleet fought against the outgoing tide.

Race 2 saw a little better wind, enough to catch Amy Krafft off guard and she and crew Matthew Chow took a swim.  Monty Baker took the lead at the weather mark and held and extended it, finishing first, er well he would have finished had the committee boat stayed on station, but Joe went off to rescue Amy.  The other boats followed Monty in.  By this point, the water was glassy so the fleet headed in.  The decision was made to start the grill so the sailors enjoyed a nice cook-out on the beach.  Although it looked at times like the breeze might come back, it never did so the decision to end early wasn't regretted.

Results to the best of my recollection are:

                                                            Race 1        Race 2          Total

Charlie Krafft - Cairn Krafft            1                2                3     

        Monty Baker - Donna McKenzie       3                1                4

Scott Williamson - John and Jim Fowler      2                3                 5

        Paul Hull - Del Walter                         5                4                 9

        Amy Krafft - Matthew Chow              4                DNF            10