Penguin Sailors,

In recent years 17 boats is certainly a record for the TAYC Annual Regatta sailed this year on August 11th and 12th is what were the most challenging conditions: light, puffy air and chop from the other sailing fleets, the Log Canoes and frequent motorboats. The top teams represented by Bud Dailey sailing with Eric Ostberg, Sandy McAllister and April Elliott, Jonathan and Emily Bartlett, Bill Lane and Hannah Schmidt and College of Charleston sailor Alan Campbell sailing with new Penguin crew Ashton Hickman were able to keep their boats moving, find clear lanes to sail in and go in the right direction (which happened to be right on the second day especially). They were a fine example to the rest of us who found more frustration than happiness in the sloppy conditions.

David Cox, drafted for Race Committee, generously loaned his boat to Taylor Penwell and Carl Harris. This pair demonstrated that the young learn new tricks quickly. Look at their steadily improving scores through the four races and youíll know exactly who to look out for in future events.

Charlie Krafft and Matthew Chow had a fine first day but found the going tough on day two sailing in Rock Hopper rather that his light air speedster Wooden Bucket.

Longtime Penguin sailor Monty Baker and steady crew Donna Mackenzie showed that their steady improvement is no fluke. Monty is back in Penguins after many years off and it looks like he can still ride that old bike.

Roger Pickall was way up front in a couple of the races but found the good going difficult to sustain as did Ed Lutz and Patrick Firth and Read and Read Beigel.

The College of Charleston was also represented by Alanís teammates Manton Paine (who comes from the old Round Bay Penguin fleet) sailing with Hayley Jenkins in Dadís boat.

Spencer Carraher sailed Queen of Hearts  and had a fine first race with experienced Opti sailor Keating Walsh. We hope both sailors will return and return.

Scott Williamson finally learned his lesson. He will have two crew for the Internationals and we look for better balance and speed from this fine sailor.

Laser and big boat sailor Holger Hinsch introduced daughter Julia  and son Nicklas to a borrowed Penguin and we welcome him to the fleet. Holger is an outstanding sailor who sails offshore with JB so the learning curve should be brief indeed.

Joseph Pro finally made it down from Pennsylvania but his son Nichols was spotted in the Laser radial fleet.  Bogna Pro did a fine job filling in and now that we know she can sail we hope to see more of them than we have so far this year.

Jonathan has been busy in the recruiting arena. In addition to Holger Jonathan introduced Rick Harris to the Penguin fleet and we hope to see him in a boat in the near future.

My crew Del Walter has a good time sailing (he always has a good time sailing) but a better time at the awards ceremony at Harleigh. This year was hot but not oppressively so as in the past and Tot OíMara was, as always, an entertaining presenter. A great bonus was the open pool after the formal stuff.

Thanks to David Cox and everyone on the Race Committee. They and the sailors faced equally challenging conditions and everyone appreciated a good job and a fun regatta.

Come sail with us in the Internationals. This is a great group with a big bunch of new sailors and the regatta should be a lot of fun.  The NOR is posted on the web site. Please remember that the fee has been reduced (this is now reflected on the NOR) and includes Continental Breakfasts, lunch on Friday and the Friday night party. Let us know if you need a boat or housing. 



Division: PENGUIN (17 boats) (top)


Sail Boat Skipper 1 2 3 4 Total Points Pos
1 9662 AGAINST THE GRAIN DAILEY, BUD 7 1 1 2 11.00 1
2 9632 SPAX MCALLISTER, SANDY 3 2 2 5 12.00 2
3 9576 STEWIE BARTLETT, JONATHAN 1 6 8 1 16.00 3
4 4200 WHITE NIGHT LANE, BILL 9 3 4 4 20.00 4
5 9663 CAMPBELL, ALAN 2 8 5 6 21.00 5
6 9696 BLACKSIDE DOWN HULL, PAUL 5 4 10 7 26.00 6
7 8823 PENWELL, TAYLOR 12 10 7 3 32.00 7
8 9630 ROCK HOPPER KRAFFT, CHARLES 4 7 13 12 36.00 8
9 9700 CURRENT EVENT BAKER, MONTY 14 5 9 8 36.00 9
10 8241 PICKALL, ROGER 10 13 3 11 37.00 10
11 8239 WUTANG PAINE, MANTON 8 12 6 18/DNS 44.00 11
12 8839 UPBEAT LUTZ, ED 11 11 16 9 47.00 12
13 9627 ZOOM ZOOM BEIGEL, READ 13 14 11 10 48.00 13
14 9171 QUEEN OF HEARTS CARRAHER, SPENCER 6 15 14 14 49.00 14
15 7703 THUNDER CHICKEN WILLIAMSON, SCOTT 15 9 12 18/DNF 54.00 15
16 7612 HINSCH, HOLGER 17 16 15 13 61.00 16
17 9575 PRO, JOSEPH 16 17 17 18/DNS 68.00 17